About Me



Hi, I am Lisa. Currently 19 (and having absolutely no intention of growing any older) and in the country, Hong Kong. I am here on a 6.5months internship. This blog, as named, is how I am going to conquer Hong Kong, one weekend at a time. My plan is to explore new places, hike new terrains, make new friends and more importantly, enjoy Hong Kong so much that I do not want to return. As a Singaporean, Hong Kong offers the same fast paced city life from Mondays to Fridays (oh boy, Wan Chai is crazy. I cannot imagine how fast paced Central is!), yet the calming serenity of nature during the weekends.

The reason why I chose Hong Kong as my place for internship is because I realized how Hong Kong is such an international hub. It offers a huge opportunity, as an intern, to learn, work, explore and of course, grow. I enjoy every single day in Hong Kong and I am thankful for all the people I meet, all the places I have been to and all the wonderful experiences I have. 

I am extremely open to making new friends and exploring new territories (not literally, but I do love New Territories). Do feel free to contact me at lisastarplayer@gmail.com for anything. Find me on: Facebook, Instagram.

Follow me on my journey to conquer Hong Kong, one weekend at a time! I will post 1-2 posts per week, depending where I go and how busy I am.




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